Married with Three Kids


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Okay! Can someone please confirm I DO NOT have a sign on my head which states “taken men need only apply”

Today Khaled took me out to lunch. We got chatting quite easily, it’s clear as day he is a well educated man (a trait I love in a man). And then bam! within the first ten minutes he dropped the bombshell “I’ve three daughters and I am married”

Ahhhmm, hang on! Married? Really? WTF? Why am I here? All this running through my mind as I tried to act as if I didn’t surprise me. I seem to be attracting the taken men these days – single men where the bloody hell are you?

I discovered he quite cleverly tries to revert conversation onto me, but clever little me got more and more information about him – more than he cared to share I would say. In fact he was a little surprised with how much information he shared with me and after our little rendezvous he wrote me in an email “you make me smile and I could talk to you forever”.

Turns out he lives about 10 minutes away from my place on the other side of the bay, his kids go to school where my niece and nephew do. What are the chances to meet someone in Sydney city and have them live around the corner? He is a mechanical engineer and is of Egyptian background.

And so apparently his story goes that he is unhappily married and has been contemplating divorce for a long time but is frightened of this concept (sounds like me a few years ago).

He asked if he could catch up with me whilst we are on xmas annual leave, I ran through a few negative scenarios with him and his wife and his reply surprised me “if I think that it is worth the fight, then yes, and I think you are worth the drama” My round-about words were “only friends”.

At least this one is only 9 years my senior. EH! Really, why is this happening to me?




Wood Works


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They’re all coming out of the wood works.

 I’ve had several guys pop out of nowhere over the last several months. I’ve been in a drought since I broke up with my ex Mr G in May and now, well now I’ve a selection. It’s entertaining the way life unfolds. 
I need to list them so i can remember, there is 
GM – mr untouchable but I’m so into him, we’ve been talking nearly every day
Sam – a single 38 yr old dad, who is very interested in me but I’m not so sure I can feel a spark. We met via work. 
John – I met him through my neighbour. He is also a single dad, I would say mid 40’s very funny, but I just don’t think of him sexually or romantically. Plus his ex wife is a drop kick and yet to sign divorce papers. 
Mr G – now he is a tricky one, my ex boyfriend. If he could only sort his life and head space out, we would still be together. He recently tried to contact me again, but I don’t want to deal with it right now. 
Khaled – I just met him on Friday. An engineer whom I just found out works two offices down. He has a slight accent (Egyptian) and seems very respectful. He gave me his business card. Should I or shouldn’t I call him? 
Truth of the matter is, a few months ago I so desperately wanted to be in a committed relationship but now I am not so sure. Now I am happy the way life is and can not be bothered to make a move. Whatever happens, happens. 


Bye Bye Oh Frumpy One


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Never put on six kilos! 

I’ve just started gym again to lose the six kilograms I’ve so unhappily gained over the last couple of years. I was happy to graze on the foods but not happy to collect the love handles. 
Anyway, there are a number of things annoying me at present, the weight – I’m spilling out of my gym tights, a hideous sight indeed when standing next to buff bodies, the fitness – I couldn’t even run my standard five kilometres on the treadmill, I was fatigued by the time I hit 2kms, my look – I look frumpy. Me frumpy ew!
So it’s back to the gym and non-indulgent food and with any luck the kilograms will start dropping off quickly. I need to be trim before my trip overseas. 

Your Words Cut


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The red light finally came on, and we’ve been chatting all night. All was fine up until the point his word stung and cut through my guts “you’re friend with a hint of benefits” 

Ouch. I know exactly where I stand In this fucked up scenario we have going on, but reading it from him was painful. We’ve only kissed, and he writes he didn’t suggest this is what he wants or thinks of me, however there are elements in this sentence that has my guts in knots. 


Red Beacon of Happiness


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Have you ever just constantly sat in anticipation for the next time you hear from someone? That is me over the period of the last few months. 
I continually check my Blackberry for the red light to flash, signalling I have a message. It’s a beacon of happiness. His messages always make me smile. 
No one I’ve met has ever been as witty, full of great conversation – I crave our conversations. 
I can’t wait for the next flashing of red. 



Chanel Exclusif’s


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Chanel Exclusif's

I walked into Chanel (at Sydney Pitt St mall) today to purchase a gift for my sister’s birthday. It was wonderful. I was tempted to purchase myself a pair of sunglasses and also a wallet, but thought otherwise. Whilst waiting for the staff to arrange my purchase, I tested some of the Exclusif’s on my arms. The smells are heavenly. My next scent will be a Chanel one.
Just being in the store further inspired me to make money. I would like to think I can be living comfortably starting in the next few years.



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During the course of a string of emails (which is still going on now as I type) between GM and I, (which includes the sexual tension between us) he writes about Nostradamus and his prediction of the world ending on the 21st day of December 2012. I replied there are two thoughts for consideration:

1. We do what we want to do before life ends;


2. We carry on as Nostradamus was on crack.

It’s got me thinking though, if you were able to foretell your death and it was down to a matter of a couple of weeks, what would you be doing? We’re very fortunate in our era; with capabilities to be in another country within 24-48 hours, to speak to loved ones 1000’s of kilometers away in an instant over the internet, so many experiences to chose from. What would you do? 

Would you turn to religion? A higher faith? Are you a victim of materialism; would you surround yourself with luxurious goods – will this give you gratification?

I am not quite sure what I would do entirely. But perhaps I would start by telling people exactly how I felt about them, starting with love. Leaving loving memories of me – or at least trying to leave positiveness. Death can be at any ones’ door at any moment without notice. There’s so much to experience.

Going back to religion however, what if the world did end on the 21st, wouldn’t that mean that all religions were fraudulent. Some predictions of religion would’ve not yet been played out by then? Of course I am no expert on religion, just thinking out loud.