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There’s a hole, in my life, and it’s gaping.

I nearly have everything in my life that I need right now, but one thing. A life partner. Everytime someone asks me “how are you?” my answer is mostly positive in general, but I always deep down feel like saying “I’m awesome, but a gaping hole in my being for the reason….” I’ve felt like this for a while now. I really just want to meet ‘The One’.
I won’t settle for anyone, he has to be the perfect fit. I’ve been through a lot for a person my age. I’ve been married and divorced by no fault of my own (a story which is effen infuriating and for another blog-entry). So you see I just won’t settle. It’s not that I am unrealistic or materialistic, I don’t look for men that have an ample bank account (though most are telling me I should as I deserve it), or base him on looks. I just want someone who is similar to me.

I completely get that people 30+ in age have baggage, just don’t come to me with luggage. I also get that people my age and beyond should have some form of direction and dedication, I have this but do you think there are many that actually have this?

I sometimes catch myself admiring couples chatting away, laughing and holding hands, and I wish that was me. It’s a longing. I don’t think I’ve ever had a longing like this before. To be honest, I am so bloody over being single. I’m soul surfing, surfing people to see if they are the right fit and what a process!

I know I am not alone in feeling like this, I honestly don’t know how people can be single for very long. I can’t, it’s tiring. I wish to meet a 30 something (Sydney) man, that is successful, caring, humourous, has direction and doesn’t have a hidden agenda. Anyone know this man?