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Mr playboy has his sights on me.

Last week a friend of mine had a dinner party and I was introduced properly (I’ve met him once previously) to his single cousin. I assumed he was in his early forties, as he takes care of himself (face & body) but it turns out he is turning 50. Reason why I mention his age is due to his confidence, he is so confident about himself, that he is trying to date me apparently. The man could be my father! Sheeeesh! He is nearly twenty years my senior, ew he will be 60 soon , eeeeeeeewww! Shrivel dick??!!!

Yesterday I was informed Mr Playboy has been asking for my phone number and I’ve been informed under no circumstance am I to even entertain of going any form of date with this man for the fact of Mr playboy is exactly that, a Playboy. He has been with so many women that you can’t even count them.  Apparently, so the story goes, Mr Playboy once randomly approached a girl in a public toilet for a head job and she obliged. WTF! Who does that? *shudder* I wonder if it is true.

I know I will be seeing Mr Playboy in the not so distant future and certain that will be entertaining. And no, he has not received my number.