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Tonight I am heading out to a local swanky cafe holding a charity cocktail night for breast cancer awareness for women only. When my neighbour, who is also a friend, ask me to go along with her I thought “perfect”.

I’m a very social person and have some great friends, but I feel right now I could do with meeting some new women in my life and in my local district. As it stands, my friends are scattered all over Sydney and it’s beginning to be a little annoying. Ever since meeting my neighbour, it’s been an absolute delight to have her so close to me and being able to do things in our local area. My best friend is 1.15 hours away from me, so it’s not like I can pick up the phone and say “let’s meet”.

So anyway, as I was saying I am going out tonight (locally) to hang with a crowd of females and I am hoping to ‘pick up’ (LOL) some new female friends. It’s easy to meet someone of the opposite sex and say “Hey let’s hang out” but I wonder how this will eventuate. It will be a little experiment for me to see if my hunt for some quality female friends can eventuate. Wow, never thought I would be saying I’m trying to pick up women.

Have you ever been in a situation like this?