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Traveling home last night I sat in the backseat of a car, watching scenery just blur past me in an array of colours. It was as if I was in a trance of life, pondering ‘what am I doing? Why don’t things go my way? It’s just not fair’
I kept thinking about him (GM), ‘why am I meeting him tomorrow? What was the point? Where there is fire, someone is bound to get burnt’ I can see if I keep traveling along this path for a long while, I will be burnt more than likely, him on the other hand I am uncertain. I am faced with a scenario that is such a taboo, the very thing most bitch about. A taken man. Ordinarily I would be part of that mob, bitching about those that sway, and yet now, I am faced with this – where the hell did this come from?

As the car traveled across the eastern distributor the lights around me started to blur into one beautiful line of movement; a bright constant line, as I watched this line I began to feel calm again, regaining control of my thoughts, ‘control yourself’. I need to keep my wits about me, after all this is my life and it’s all about me. I will take control of the situation once again and hopefully keep it that way, even when life throws me another curve ball.