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I leant over and slept on his shoulder, watching the ships and boats sail by into the ocean out of Sydney harbour. I could hear his heart beating, and with every rise of his chest I could smell his Chanel cologne. It was devine.
His fingers caressed my side and the small of my back, every minute that went by I could feel myself getting aroused. The sheer touching of our bodies made me tingle. I closed my eyes, listening to his heart, this is exactly where I wanted to be with him. His age, his delicate situation, our complicated situation didn’t seem to matter anymore. It felt perfect. It’s been a long time since I had felt this way.
“Oh God, I think I have an erection” he said, his face so close to mine, I so desperately wanted to tilt my face to kiss him passionately for the first time. He adjusted himself, and there was a pulsing between my legs. All this arousal and we’ve barely touched. This was the closest we had been.

Fast forward post dinner and approximately five hours later at our cars.

“I’ll walk you to your car” he turned to me as he opened his brand new A4 Audi, placing his wallet into it and then reaching up at me signalling us to start walking. “Thank you for a wonderful day, for lunch and dinner, I really enjoyed myself” I said to him. He smiled his handsome smile as he stared at the ground before his feet “thank you” he replied.
At my car we hugged so tightly, I didn’t want to let him go. I pulled away and he kissed me on the lips quickly and drew back, I searched his face and took a look at his lips, without thinking I went in for a longer kiss, his lips so soft and moist. His hands around my waist pulled me in, “I’ve not felt like this for so long” he said, I could feel his stirring man hood, the pulse between my legs fired up again. We kept kissing, pure heaven. I had to catch my breath. He looked into my eyes and said something which I can’t recall, I was to engrossed in what was taking place. We kissed again and again, and then finally said good bye. I hopped into my car with a smile plastered to my face. It was surreal.

This all happened yesterday. I think I’m in trouble.