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During the course of a string of emails (which is still going on now as I type) between GM and I, (which includes the sexual tension between us) he writes about Nostradamus and his prediction of the world ending on the 21st day of December 2012. I replied there are two thoughts for consideration:

1. We do what we want to do before life ends;


2. We carry on as Nostradamus was on crack.

It’s got me thinking though, if you were able to foretell your death and it was down to a matter of a couple of weeks, what would you be doing? We’re very fortunate in our era; with capabilities to be in another country within 24-48 hours, to speak to loved ones 1000’s of kilometers away in an instant over the internet, so many experiences to chose from. What would you do? 

Would you turn to religion? A higher faith? Are you a victim of materialism; would you surround yourself with luxurious goods – will this give you gratification?

I am not quite sure what I would do entirely. But perhaps I would start by telling people exactly how I felt about them, starting with love. Leaving loving memories of me – or at least trying to leave positiveness. Death can be at any ones’ door at any moment without notice. There’s so much to experience.

Going back to religion however, what if the world did end on the 21st, wouldn’t that mean that all religions were fraudulent. Some predictions of religion would’ve not yet been played out by then? Of course I am no expert on religion, just thinking out loud.