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Okay! Can someone please confirm I DO NOT have a sign on my head which states “taken men need only apply”

Today Khaled took me out to lunch. We got chatting quite easily, it’s clear as day he is a well educated man (a trait I love in a man). And then bam! within the first ten minutes he dropped the bombshell “I’ve three daughters and I am married”

Ahhhmm, hang on! Married? Really? WTF? Why am I here? All this running through my mind as I tried to act as if I didn’t surprise me. I seem to be attracting the taken men these days – single men where the bloody hell are you?

I discovered he quite cleverly tries to revert conversation onto me, but clever little me got more and more information about him – more than he cared to share I would say. In fact he was a little surprised with how much information he shared with me and after our little rendezvous he wrote me in an email “you make me smile and I could talk to you forever”.

Turns out he lives about 10 minutes away from my place on the other side of the bay, his kids go to school where my niece and nephew do. What are the chances to meet someone in Sydney city and have them live around the corner? He is a mechanical engineer and is of Egyptian background.

And so apparently his story goes that he is unhappily married and has been contemplating divorce for a long time but is frightened of this concept (sounds like me a few years ago).

He asked if he could catch up with me whilst we are on xmas annual leave, I ran through a few negative scenarios with him and his wife and his reply surprised me “if I think that it is worth the fight, then yes, and I think you are worth the drama” My round-about words were “only friends”.

At least this one is only 9 years my senior. EH! Really, why is this happening to me?