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They’re all coming out of the wood works.

 I’ve had several guys pop out of nowhere over the last several months. I’ve been in a drought since I broke up with my ex Mr G in May and now, well now I’ve a selection. It’s entertaining the way life unfolds. 
I need to list them so i can remember, there is 
GM – mr untouchable but I’m so into him, we’ve been talking nearly every day
Sam – a single 38 yr old dad, who is very interested in me but I’m not so sure I can feel a spark. We met via work. 
John – I met him through my neighbour. He is also a single dad, I would say mid 40’s very funny, but I just don’t think of him sexually or romantically. Plus his ex wife is a drop kick and yet to sign divorce papers. 
Mr G – now he is a tricky one, my ex boyfriend. If he could only sort his life and head space out, we would still be together. He recently tried to contact me again, but I don’t want to deal with it right now. 
Khaled – I just met him on Friday. An engineer whom I just found out works two offices down. He has a slight accent (Egyptian) and seems very respectful. He gave me his business card. Should I or shouldn’t I call him? 
Truth of the matter is, a few months ago I so desperately wanted to be in a committed relationship but now I am not so sure. Now I am happy the way life is and can not be bothered to make a move. Whatever happens, happens.